Vacuum blackbody

Vacuum blackbodies for cryogenic or ambient irradiative environment

  • Absolute temperature range from 100K to 425K
  • Use of vacuum compatible coatings and materials
  • High thermal uniformity and emissivity

Vacuum blackbodies brochure

Blackbody selection guide

Blackbody selection white paper

Test of a spatial instrument with DCN1000 V

Vacuum blackbodies combine performance of traditional infrared reference sources with specific features in order to operate in a vacuum chamber, at cryogenic or ambient temperatures. They can emit over an ultra-extended temperature range, set and controlled with high accuracy.

A vacuum compatible emissive head is connected to a controller located outside the chamber. High stability of regulation is ensured by the optimized control of the losses through radiation and conduction.

High emissivity up to 0.999 is obtained thanks to a vacuum compatible coating on a specific surface structure of the blackbody. Temperature of the emissive surface is measured in real time via high precision calibrated Pt sensors.

Various principles of thermal exchanges are available to suit different applications such as characterisation and radiometric calibration of space borne imagers and non-uniformity correction of infrared sensors...


Integrated tests with LabVIEW driver

Labview Driver available

HGH Infrared Systems provides a full-featured LabVIEW driver for its family of blackbodies, compatible with LabVIEW v8 or higher and for all available communication links Ethernet, RS232 and IEEE.

The supply includes all the required VIs directly available from the LabVIEW menu. These functions allow the operator to send a temperature setpoint, read the current temperature, check the stabilization status and many other functions.

The supply also includes an example program built with all the available VIs.

Thanks to this driver, all HGH’s blackbodies are fully controllable and can be integrated into complex test benches running automatic infrared characterization routines.